Ruggedized Lenovo PC

James Allan Brady - Oct 23, 2007

So let’s say you work for Lenovo, and you write a piece about how your company (Lenovo) doesn’t currently offer a truly ruggedized PC and the next closest thing is the ThinkPad series. Then let’s say that you go to home base to do a presentation for a potential customer and on your way out you see exactly what you just wrote doesn’t exist.

Would that make you angry, or would you just laugh? Me I’d laugh, but that actually happened to a guy, when he went to Beijing where the Innovation Center is.

Apparently the Innovation Center is like a Lenovo museum of sorts as it has items from the very beginning all the way through the latest and greatest on display. Which just so happened to include this ruggedized laptop available from Lenovo, but only in China? The guy goes on to ask what people think about slapping a ThinkPad keyboard on it and making it available world-wide, and I for one love the idea.

Lenovo Ruggedized PC [via lenovoblogs]

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