Rugged UMPC for men & women in uniform

You're a rugged, butch sort. You've got a wardrobe full of camouflage-patterned trousers and ex-Soviet jerkins, every copy of "Sexy Guns'n'Stuff" published since 1989 and a fetish for the sort of military hardware you'd find in a Gulf War yard sale. So this one's for you...

Catcher (Communications And Telemetry Computing Handheld for Emergency Response) is a handheld computer built to military standards, designed to satisfy every service-person's need for mobile data, VOIP and GPS navigation. Dual cameras make it pants-wettingly easy to do video conferencing, and they've coyly patented a hardware video encoder to reduce CPU load during up to five simultaneous sessions.

Coming as standard with 2gb of RAM and a 40gb hard drive, Catcher is driven by a 1.7GHz Pentium M processor and runs XP Tablet edition. More excitingly, it can survive a three foot drop onto cement, up to 50+ G's and is weatherproof. Oh, and it has an "Emergency Alert Feature":

"When pressed, an alert message is sent to the server identifying the CATCHER unit number, GPS location, operator ID, and time of incident. Both cameras and the internal microphone begin recording and relaying data to command and control. The unit display remains dormant, ensuring security isn't compromised"

Of course it's really designed for official military sorts, not just the kind of person who fantasises over AK-47s, so it's not up for general sale. More's the pity.

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