Rugged DAP offers high protection for high price

Chris Davies - May 13, 2007

Have you seen this shoeless madman?  Fond of dropping iPods and other DAPs off of high rooftops, he should be avoided at all costs – especially if you’re carrying your mp3 player!  Suffering the indignities of gravity today are an innocent iPod and a Freestyle Audio unit from Shred Ready Inc, the latter somewhat more prepared for the fall since it’s designed to be shock-resistant.


So should we all go out and buy a Freestyle Audio?  Well, no, not really.  Just as the drop was mis-matched, so are the spec-sheets; only this time the balance is firmly in the iPod’s favour.  With just 512mb of flash memory, good for a mere 80 mp3s, it might weigh just 35g, be waterproof and buoyant, but for $199.95 I’d expect a whole lot more storage!

 Shred Ready Inc. detachable ear-flap headphones

It does come with these nifty detachable headphone ear-flaps suitable for certain helmets in Shred Ready’s range, but I don’t think they’ll get as many approving glances as a simple set of white Apple originals.

Video via Generation MP3

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