Rufus Cuff has all the right wrist wearable tech specs, but it's bulky

A crowdfunding project Rufus Cuff has some utopian features that people may find intriguing, however the reality of it could be different from the perception. The main focus is on the 3-inch screen and how crammed everything could look on it. The reality is that the wearable market is getting crowded with products that are late to the party. Look at the Nike FuelBand as an example, a major chunk of Nike Digital Sport hardware team has been laid off because the company realised it needed to refocus on other avenues.

Getting back to the Rufus Cuff story, here is a wrist device that features a built-in mic, a camera, a speaker, web browser, voice control and GPS. To make it as comprehensive as possible the device has full access to the Google Play store. Yes, it is a smartphone on your wrist and it uses Bluetooth to connect with your Android phone or iPhone and access mobile data through it.

In short, make calls, send text, run the full version of Google's mobile OS and hook to WiFi if you so require. Did we say utopian specs, oh yes we did! Claiming to be the world's first Wrist Communicator that brings you the Web, voice or video calls and full apps from the Google Play store. You can get one by simply pledging $249 for its IndieGoGo campaign.

SOURCE:The Rufus Cuff