Ruckus Wireless and KDDI Corp to deploy first and largest instant on WiFi network in the world

Ruckus Wireless and KDDI Corp in Japan have announced that they have teamed up to deploy the world's first and largest instant on WiFi access and mobile data offload service. KDDI is the principal telecommunications provider in Japan and has over 32 million subscribers on its network. The network tech was pioneered by Ruckus and is designed to offload the network data traffic from the huge number of subscribers on the KDDI network.

The network will also be able to provide the user seamless high-speed access throughout Japan. That would mean a person moving from a wireless data connection into range of the WiFi network would not notice the transition to the WiFi service from the data service. The new network will be available to the subscribers of the KDDI packet flat rate plans.

KDDI is calling the new service au Wi-Fi Spot and it is free of charge with the au Android smartphones in over 10,000 locations to start. By March of 2012 the number of locations will have been increased to 100,000. There is no configuration to the phone needed for the network to be used with authentication being made to the network based on credentials inside the phone.