Rubik’s Cube turns 30

Shane McGlaun - Jan 26, 2010
Rubik’s Cube turns 30

Any child of the 80’s like me will remember the Rubik’s Cube. I had one and the only way I was ever able to solve it was to pull of the stickers and put them in order. I can remember being very impressed when this Asian kid solved it in like a minute on That’s Incredible.

It’s hard to believe the Rubik’s Cube is now turning 30 and to celebrate the anniversary the maker of the game cube is offering new box sets for schools and youth programs that challenge the kids to solve the cube. The makers of the cube claim that the device helps kids learn critical thinking skills.

The program provides a kit with12 of the cubes along with solution guides, a DVD, cube sign out sheets, stickers, and award certificates for when the kids solve the puzzle. This is certainly a school assignment I would have been glad to do when I was a kid.

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