Rubik's Cube Speakers Prove The Cube Will Never Die

I'm not sure how retro you can call the Rubik's cube anymore. It's all over the place, made it's comeback and is definitely in the here and now. I hate to break it to it but it's retro-ed itself back in style.

These 20.75" speakers weigh about 144lbs. and have a 15" aluminum cone drive surrounded by special MDF tiles. It's no puzzle that this cube will definitely rock out, sorry for the bad pun.

I foresee these being a huge hit in clubs as well as homes of the extremely geeky. I'd like to see it in it's "mixed-up" state rather than solid blocks though, I mean come on, does anyone keep a solved Rubik's Cube laying around?

Project 'Cube 2007 [via GEARFUSE]