Roxio Game Capture debuts

Software has been around for years that makes it easy for PC gamers to capture in game footage of their fragging and racing prowess. The console gamer on the other hand has had few easy to use options for capturing their gaming glory to share on YouTube and other places. That has all changed with the announcement of the Roxio Game Capture device.

The Game Capture device is hardware and software solution that allows the user to capture real-time video of gaming exploits from the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The hardware box connects between your TV and the game console and then uses USB to connect to your computer.

The software portion of the system requires a Windows PC with at least a Core 2 Duo CPU at 1.8GHz or an AMD Athlon X2 at 2GHz and 2GB of RAM. Your HDD or SSD needs 2GB of storage space and Windows Media Player 11 or higher is required as well. The device comes with a component cable, USB cable, and a RCA audio cable. It supports output formats for video of AVI, DV-AVI, WMV, DivX, and MP4. Pricing is unannounced as is the launch date.