Rovio launching Amazing Alex for iOS and Android on July 12th

Ready for Rovio's next mobile game? The company purchased the intellectual property rights to Casey's Contraptions back in May, saying that it was going to revamp the game with new levels and updated graphics. Now Rovio has said that Amazing Alex will debut on iOS and Android tomorrow, on July 12th. While a rebrand and relatively minor update might not be all that exciting, it will bring the game to a new audience through Rovio's brand and marketing pizzazz.

The original game, Casey's Contraptions, saw players manipulating objects in order to solve physics-based puzzles, often resembling Rube Goldberg machines. The trailer for Amazing Alex hints at the same sort of gameplay, with the titular character starting a chain reaction with a simple flick of a domino.

There's no word on what the game will cost, although we imagine it will be aimed at the lowest pricing tiers for iOS and Android, if not free. Make sure to check the Play Store and App Store tomorrow and pray you don't have a particularly busy day at work.