Rovio launches Amazing Alex for iOS and Android

Yesterday, Rovio announced that its latest game, Amazing Alex, would finally launch for iOS and Android devices. True to its word, the game is now available on both respective app stores. On iOS, the game costs $0.99 (and £0.69) while a $0.99 and free version is available for Android. The game sees you manipulating physics along with different objects in order to solve puzzles.

Rovio says there are around 100 levels and 35 objects that can be utilized in order to complete the game. It's not an original game though: the company purchased the intellectual property rights to Casey's Contraptions back in May, so some of the levels and settings may be familiar to players of the old game. Rovio has added in some new levels and content, however.

The game will also be coming to Windows Phone in the future, but there's no word on exactly when. If you're interested in seeing Rovio's latest effort, then head over to this link to grab the iOS version and go here for the paid Android app. The free version is also available right here.

[via The Next Web]