Rovio ditches Windows Phone, eases off PC games

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 12, 2016, 6:15pm CDT
Rovio ditches Windows Phone, eases off PC games

Rovio has bid farewell to both Windows Phone and the PC, advising its users in an email recently that it is dropping support for both platforms. If you haven’t downloaded the Rovio game you want onto your Windows Phone device or PC, it appears you’re out of luck, at least in certain cases (some PC games remain available for Windows 8.1). Both the Bad Piggies and Angry Birds games for PC have had their development suspended, and they’re being pulled from digital shelves.

The information is somewhat scattered, being delivered to gamers via emails. One email says that games are no longer being developed at Rovio for Windows Phone, and that only the iOS and the Android versions will be getting updates henceforth. In addition, and according to Windows Central, the company has decided to ditch the aforementioned games for PC in order to focus on mobile.

It isn’t clear to what extent the company is withdrawing from the PC market, but it does seem certain that its Windows Phone days are gone. The move isn’t surprising — many apps have dropped support for the platform, which has a (relatively speaking) very small user base. It makes sense that Rovio, given its financial issues over the last couple years, would focus on iOS and Android.

It’s another blow to Windows Phone users, though arguably not that great of one as interest in Angry Birds has decreased drastically versus its early days. Those still using the platform have been vocal in their request for a Windows Phone version of Pokemon GO; tens of thousands have signed a petition, but it likely won’t amount to much.

SOURCE: Windows Central

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