Roundtable Concepts Announces Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV HDTVs

Evan Selleck - May 24, 2010
Roundtable Concepts Announces Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV HDTVs

Roundtable Concepts likes to launch high-definition televisions that are covered in licensed graphics. They first showed up in our parts just a few months back, covering their TVs in Marvel Comics icons, and then came out of nowhere to show off some collegiate materials. This time around, they’ve got Street Fighter IV for all those hardcore fans out there.

Street Fighter is one of the most popular video games of all times, dating back at least a handful of years by now, and the latest iteration of the series, Street Fighter IV made most fans of the series quite happy. So that’s why Capcom felt it was the right time to bring the franchise to an HDTV near you, and by combining with Roundtable Concepts, they’ve got quite a nice set to show off. You’ll see your favorite character, or the SFIV title on the bottom-left and bottom-right bezel. Additionally, the image you choose will also appear on the splashscreen for eight seconds every time you turn the HDTV on.

They will be offered up in four variations: 32″, 40″, 42″, and 46.” They are LED HDTVs, so that should do quite well for making sure that while you’re playing your favorite fighter title, it’ll look as good as it can. There’s no word in the press release about a release date or pricing, but we imagine that, at the very least due to the customization, they should be pretty pricey.

Press Release:

LAKE MARY, Fla., May 20 /PRNewswire/ — Roundtable Concepts, Inc. announced today that they will launch the “Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV” HDTV’s to be available in the upcoming weeks. Your favorite Street Fighter characters and/or logo will be embellished on the bottom two corners of the frame and offered in 32″, 40″, 42″ and 46″ LED HDTV’s. The perfect HDTV for the Street Fighter fan, the Street Fighter character appearing on the casing is not the only place you will see the characters as the Street Fighter image will also appear on the screen for 8 seconds when you power it on.

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“We are extremely excited to be working with Roundtable Concepts, Inc. on this new initiative,” says Seon King, Senior Director of licensing at Capcom. “There is such a natural partnership between video games and consumer electronics – especially televisions and monitors – that a partnership like this was a perfect fit. We hope that our Street Fighter fans will enjoy their favorite fighting game on one of these HDTV’s for the ultimate Street Fighter experience.”

RTC is excited for the opportunity to work with Capcom and feels this TV would be the perfect fit for the gamer and at the same time create a new standard in the industry. RTC is proud to launch this product with Capcom because of their strong brand recognition and unprecedented quality. RTC is planning for tremendous growth that will allow for other gaming TVs in the future.

Roundtable Concepts has already launched the “Officially Licensed Marvel Comic” HDTV’s at and Roundtable Concepts has “Officially Licensed Collegiate” HDTV’s at


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