RosettaStone uses RFID-NFC to make gravestones interactive

Losing a family member or a loved one is never an easy thing. What most people will tell you is that they want to remember their loved one and have other people who visit the grave remember the departed as well. Most grave markers today only tell you the name, birthday, and date the person died. A new product called RosettaStone can take an existing or new grave marker and provide information that can be shared with visitors.

The device uses NFC-RFID tech to allow mobile phones that are capable of reading NFC data to get images and text that they can enjoy as the visit the graveside. The device is a palm-size stone tablet or a coin-size stick-on polymer tag called a Data Tag. The Data Tag sticks directly to the headstone and text and photos associated with the tag can be uploaded and managed by the buyer directly to an archive site included with the purchase.

The company also provides a system for handsets that aren't NFC compatible that provides a URL with a specific site just for the gave they are visiting. The same text and images can be offered there. The prices for the devices range from $12.99 to $225.