Rosemary’s Baby: iPhone 3G and Android 2.2 Froyo Combine to Form Adobe Flash for iPhone

Chris Burns - Nov 9, 2010, 2:37 pm CST
Rosemary’s Baby: iPhone 3G and Android 2.2 Froyo Combine to Form Adobe Flash for iPhone

It is truly a wish born of a ritualistic and unnatural set of events put in motion by a port of Google’s Android 2.2.1 over to the iPhone 3G, allowing then Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android Froyo OS to have a baby named Flash on the iPhone. The entire process is basically illegal, so don’t actually do it if you fear the law or have any hope for getting into Apple or Google heaven, requires that you jailbreak your iPhone. After broken, you’ll need to install Cydia (not approved in any way by Apple), add a repository to Cydia, and download the package by the name “iDroid” for either your iPhone 3G or original iPhone.

To get a full instructions manual on how to do this particular bit of hacking, head over to Redmond Pie and grab yourself a piece. Of course, we must remind you that you’ll be breaking a few laws and could get into lots of trouble. On the other hand, you will after installing correctly have a super-neato dual-boot situation on your hands, that allowing you to either boot into Android via Froyo or your version of iOS.

Inside Android 2.2 Froyo, you’re said to be able to run Adobe Flash 10.1, allowing you to do … whatever it is you’ve got to do using flash to view and interact with things. Writer Chuong Nguyen over at Gotta Be Mobile reminds us (specifically me) that Apple has for a long time “touted its dual-boot solutions for PCs and notebooks via its BootCamp interface to allow Mac OS X users to boot between running a Windows PC environment or OS X on their Mac hardware,” but that, yes, I can’t imagine these same folks being all that pleased when they find that the android is lofting their logo high overhead!

[Via Gotta Be Mobile]

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