Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector detects flooding

Roost is a company we have talked about before, it has a smart battery for smoke detectors and a smart smoke detector to help keep your home or office safe. Roost has announced a new product called the Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector. The goal of the new device is to help save homeowners from costly repairs from frozen pipes that burst or leaks that might flood the home.

The water and freeze detector connects to a Roost smartphone app and alerts the user when water is detected due to leaky pipes, appliances, or basement leaks. This can help reduce damage from the water itself and from mold and mildew in the aftermath of a leak or in high humidity situations. The detector also has an integrated temperature gauge that can tell you when the temperature in the home is getting low enough in the basement where freezing of pipes might be an issue.

The device doesn't require any sort of specialty hub like some home automation solutions require. It also requires no special installation making it easy and inexpensive. All the user has to do is lay the Roost sensor where they want it to monitor for water or temperatures. Power for the detector comes from AAA batteries that promise three years of use per set.

The app also allows the alerts to be sent to a friend or family member and you so that someone watching your home while you are away can help if a leak is detected. The app also allows users to set custom levels for temperature and humidity warnings. That means you can set it to warn you if a basement reaches 35-degrees so you know before there is a potential for freezing pipes. The Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector will ship this fall for $49.99 with additional details coming before launch on ship date.