Roost smart battery for smoke detectors now up for pre-order on Amazon

The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us. Roost's new smart battery gives you a chance to jump on the interconnected band wagon without having to buy entirely new smart appliances. Roost's smart battery is designed to give a new dimension to an ordinary smoke or carbon monoxide detector, letting you monitor your alarms from anywhere via wi-fi. The smart batteries are also designed to last five times longer than ordinary 9V batteries, so you'll only need to change them once every five years.

The smart battery is shaped like a usual 9V battery. When inserted into a smoke detector, you can receive monitoring alerts on your smartphone or tablet via the mobile apps for both iOS and Android. You can also assign names to each specific smoke detector so you know whether a problem is occurring in the kitchen or the bedroom.

Roost originally started last year as a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter, raising almost $100,000. When Roost began to scale up operations, it turned to Facebook's IoT cloud infrastructure, Parse. Roost was one of the first key groups to incorporate the technology into its device.

Now the smart battery is available for pre-order on Amazon. A single battery runs $34.99 and a double pack costs $64.99. Roost preorders will ship directly from Amazon in September.

Source: Roost