RomUniverse ordered to destroy all of its pirated games

In 2018, Nintendo went on a legal rampage going after multiple websites that had pirated ROMs of classic Nintendo video games for people to download. One of those websites is called RomUniverse. That website was ordered by the court to pay a $2.1 million summary judgment.

While Nintendo got the summary judgment for damages it suffered, it didn't get everything it asked the court for. Nintendo had requested a permanent injunction against the operator of the site, Matthew Storman. At the time, the infringing website had been shut down, and the courts saw no reason to expect Nintendo would suffer from ongoing damages.

The judge overseeing the case, Judge Consuelo Marshall, took a second look at the case and now believes Nintendo has grounds to receive the permanent injunction it requested. The new grounds come from the fact that Storman has hinted his website might return. However, Storman had said that if his website relaunched, it wouldn't have any Nintendo games.

The injunction Nintendo was granted prevents Storman from copying, distributing, selling, or playing any unauthorized copies of Nintendo games. Additionally, the injunction also bars the man from using any Nintendo trademarks, logos, or names in a matter that could be construed as confusing.

The defendant was also ordered to permanently destroy any pirated copies of games or other intellectual property. Judge Marshall gave Storman until August 17, 2021, to destroy all Nintendo unauthorized games, movies, books, or music. However, there's no indication of how the court or Nintendo might confirm all of the unauthorized Nintendo intellectual property in Storman's possession is destroyed.

RomUniverse wasn't the only pirated games website that Nintendo sued in 2018. It also sued two more well-known websites, including LoveROMs and LoveRETRO. Nintendo was seeking damages of nearly $100 million in those cases but ultimately settled for $12.23 million.