Rolls Royce Wraith unveiled at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Something that doesn't happen terribly often has taken place at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show – Rolls Royce has unveiled a new car, the Wraith. The beastly car has a solid, streamlined design and a beyond-most-people's-budgets starting price point of $320,000 USD/245,000 Euro. You can check out a video of the Wraith in action after the jump.

As AutoBlog points out, a quick glance at the Wraith will invoke images of Rolls Royce's Ghost, with both being essentially the same. Buyers will get their money's worth with the Wraith's underhood V12 and insane 620-horsepower. There's a satellite-aided ZF transmission, and the vehicle boasts 590 pound-feet of torque.

You can see the Wraith in action in the video above, which is decked out with a dark atmosphere and soundtrack that suggests it will make drivers feel like Batman. One of its more interesting features is the aforementioned satellite-aided transmission, which utilizes GPS to keep track of the roads the driver is upon. By doing so, it can automatically queue the gear needed for the road ahead.

Aside from that, the Wraith will feature all the trimmings you expect in Rolls Royce, such as Canadel paneling, Starlight Headliner 1,340 fiber optic lights for a starry sky simulation in the dark, coach doors, and Phantom-grade cowhide leathers. Says the maker, the Wraith's interior "cocoons you from the outside world."

[via AutoBlog]