Rolls-Royce Moving To Aluminum Space-Frame In 2018

While many car maker's vision of the future involve technology-centric machinery and gadgets inside the car, Rolls-Royce is taking a slightly different look. The luxury marque has started its move to employ a new kind of architecture for its upcoming models. It envisions that by early 2018, all its cars will be sporting a new, proprietary aluminum space-frame architecture that promises to add even more stability and strength to Rolls-Royce's line of comfortable and luxurious vehicles and it will be starting its public tests soon.

The space-frame is a well known in architecture and engineering for the inherent strength of its structure. This is thanks to the geometrical, usually triangular, formation of its struts, where forces are transmitted and distributed equally across the length of each strut. Aluminum happens to be one of the most common material use for space-frame architecture because of its lightweight property.

While already a known technology, the challenge for Rolls-Royce is to mix those properties with its own signature experiences . Aside from making sure that the architecture can withstand all driving and weather conditions, the car maker must also ensure that it won't detract from the company's signature air-cushioned "magic carpet ride" feel.

To do so, it is kicking off the testing phase of this new architecture. And it won't just be in labs or private spaces either. Engineering mules will be driven on public roads around the world to realy stress test the aluminum space-frame under different conditions. So don't be surprised if a strange but luxurious looking Rolls-Royce passes you by from now until 2018.