Roku's free TV and movies channel finally gets a standalone mobile app

Roku made a number of announcements this morning, including one about its 'The Roku Channel' app. This service first launched as a free ad-supported streaming channel for its Roku players, later expanding to include web access on desktop and mobile. Under this latest announcement, Roku revealed that it is now easier to watch these free TV shows and movies on mobile devices with the arrival of an official 'The Roku Channel' standalone mobile app.

The Roku Channel (yes, that's what it's called) is one of a growing number of free ad-supported streaming apps that give consumers a way to watch content without paying for another subscription. The service has proven popular among users since its launch a couple of years ago, spurring the eventual expansion from Roku streaming devices to Internet browsers, as well. The availability of the service was expanded again earlier this year with arrival in the UK.

Though the expansion beyond Roku devices was welcome, having to access the service through The Roku Channel website in a mobile browser was not ideal. That's where the latest announcement comes in — you can now download a standalone The Roku Channel streaming app for Android and iOS starting today.

Roku users who pay for premium subscription content are also able to access those options in the standalone The Roku Channel mobile apps. The service's website remains available to use as well, of course. Coming alongside the app's launch are new channel options for users located in the United States, including The LEGO Channel,, Hi-YAH!, Maverick Black Cinema, VENN, WeatherSpy, MOVIESPHERE, and more.

In addition to around a dozen English-language free channel additions, The Roku Channel has also been updated with several Spanish-language channels, as well, with a variety of content. These additions include Sony Canal Compentencias, Tastemade en Espanol, Sony Canal Novelas, and Sony Canal Comedias. These changes come alongside the newly released Roku OS 9.4 firmware update.