Roku Voice Remote Pro is rechargeable, but good luck getting it

Roku, one of the most popular home streaming platforms, is finally getting a rechargeable remote control — but the availability is limited and you may not be able to get one any time soon. The new remote is something you'll be able to recharge using a USB cable, eliminating the need to keep a supply of batteries on hand.

Most modern devices are rechargeable, but remote controls tend to be the stubborn holdout that continues to use AA and AAA batteries. This isn't the best for the environment, as most consumers opt to use ordinary disposable batteries rather than their rechargeable siblings.

It seems Roku is finally ready to offer a rechargeable remote — a post on Reddit, which was first spied by Zatz Not Funny, shows a limited time offer Voice Remote Pro with a rechargeable battery priced at $29.99 USD. However, the image notes that only 2,000 units are being sold.

In addition to the rechargeable nature of this 'Pro' remote, it features the expected voice feature, plus a lost remote finder. The remote likewise features two user shortcut buttons in the place where you'd ordinarily find the dedicated streaming service buttons.

The Voice Remote Pro is offered as part of Roku's Early Access Program, meaning you only have a shot to get it as long as the supplies last. It's unclear when the remote will be made available for everyone and whether any changes will be made before that wider availability — assuming the company proceeds to fully launch the product.