Roku TV unveiled ahead of fall release

Coming out of CES 2014, Roku has unveiled the Roku TV. This has them taking a step away from set-top boxes and into actual televisions. This setup will offer users access to the full Roku Channel Store which has more than 31,000 movies and 1,200 channels. Perhaps a bit more important for some, the Roku TV will have the same simplicity that we have seen with the set-top boxes.

The folks at Roku have said the televisions will be coming from the "top global TV manufactures." A few names that were mentioned specifically include TCL and Hisense, which according to Roku, those two manufacturers have shipped 21 million sets in 2012 which makes them responsible for 9 percent of the world television market. The Roku TV will be available in models that range from 32-inches up to 55-inches.

Aside from the size of the television, there was also a bit of talk about the remote. To begin with, these sets will ship with a regular remote control and they will also be controllable using an Android or iOS mobile app. As for the remote itself, Roku is again going for simplicity. Here they have said the remote will be just 20 buttons — which is said to be "half the number" found on traditional remote controls.

We have yet to see anything for pricing, however these Roku TV sets are expected to arrive in "major retail stores" beginning in the fall. And worry not, Roku will continue to make the Roku players that we have been seeing over the previous years. With that, CES 2014 is just getting started so make sure to keep an eye on our hub for more to come.