Roku Search finally adds news channels to its results

Having a set-top box that isn't tied to a specific service or network has many advantages but at least one big disadvantage: sorting through the myriad of sources to get to the content you want, at the price you like. Roku created its Search software to address that need, offering "unbiased" results with their equivalent prices, if applicable. Now Roku is adding more sources to harvest videos from, about more than 50 channels. Those include, for the first time, news channels so that you can also keep updated not just on fictional events but real-world ones as well.

To be clear, Roku has had news channels for quite a while now, but previously it has been impossible to search for content directly. You'd have to either drill down to the News menu to see the top headlines for the day or select the news channel directly, which presupposes you know the channel you want beforehand. If not, then Roku Search's new powers will come in handy.

With Roku Search, you'll be able to search for the top headlines from across different news channels you have in your account. The results will only go as far back as a week, but, if you want to search for news for a specific date, you can simply search by date as well, using "MDD" (like "617" for June 17) as the search term.

News channels are some of the 50+ names that Roku has added to Search's catalog. That includes ABC and ABC News, Bloomberg TV, CBS All Access and CBS News, Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel, and NBC News just to name a few. Other non-news channels include Disney Junior and Disney XD, Watch Food Network, and many more.