Roku and Rovio work together to bring Angry Birds to TVs

Shane McGlaun - Jun 1, 2011
Roku and Rovio work together to bring Angry Birds to TVs

The popularity and success of the Rovio game called Angry Birds has been phenomenal. It is a very fun game that has spawned all sorts of copy cat versions .Today you can get the game on just about every mobile platform out there and some people even buy their smartphones based if it will play Angry Birds or not. Roku and Rovio have announced that they will be bringing Angry Birds to TVs via the Roku set top box.

Roku will offer different types of Angry Birds content on the streaming box. With Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio games all on offer. Roku will also offer an Angry Birds video channel with animated shorts and it will sell Angry Birds merchandise via the Roku Channel Store. This is the first Roku expansion to add casual games to the lineup of offerings. Roku won’t stop at Angry Birds though; it is in talks with other casual game providers for more game titles.

I wonder how the controls will work on a Roku box for playing the game. “Angry Birds is the most popular and fastest growing casual game yet is has been trapped on mobile devices. We believe there’s a huge market for games like these on the TV,” said Roku Founder and CEO Anthony Wood. “Just as we were the first to enable Netflix to stream instantly to the TV, we intend to be the catalyst for transforming the way people play casual games—starting with Angry Birds—on the biggest screen in the home.”

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