RokForm v3 accessories turn smartphones to wall-mounted televisions

The accessory company RokForm has been releasing accessories since 2010, coming up here in 2013 with a family of components that allow a smartphone – one of several models – to be attached to essentially any hard surface you've got near you. Though the group continues to keep the use cases for their accessories wide open, we'd like to suggest one that's proven itself to be pretty neat right here at home: dish washing.

Of course RokForm accessories aren't made for washing dishes, they're made for holding and protecting your smartphone. But what we've got here in a combination of elements is a way to hold, in this case, a Samsung Galaxy S III aloft above a sink full of dirty dishes playing Netflix while we go about our business. So we've got Beavis and Butthead playing on loop while the cups and pans are run through the hands-on action.

With the RokForm v3 Suction Mount we've got one piece of the puzzle, and with the Rokbed v3 S3 Case we've got the other. RokForm is expanding their line of compatible components with this v3 set, working with devices like the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S right this minute with plans for devices like the GALAXY S 4 on the list. In addition to the Suction Mount, there's also a friendly list of components that attach with the same multi-clip attachment point you see here.

You'll be able to attach with a Bike Mount, an Extended Tripod Adapter, Sport Clip, and magnets – amongst others coming up, too. With the Rokbed v3 S3 Case on its own, you've got an injection molded polycarbonate frame, "thermoplastic elastomer non-slip grip insert", a magnet kit, a Rokguard screen protector, and a Remote Mounting System for moist mount – these are basically heavy-duty sticker-backed units that lock in to the back of the case like the Suction Mount does.

So you've got the case – you'll buy that for right around $40 or $45 USD depending on the device you're working with. Then you'll want the Suction Mount which will run you another $49 USD. This mount, like the case, is heavy duty. Made with polycarbonate and die cast zinc construction with two angles for movement – 360 degrees of rotation as well as a 210 degree tilt. All we need is one, the one which allows the phone to sit horizontal for superior television show viewing.

This mount has sat attached to a tile above the sink for over a week straight with no end in sight. Of course that'll happen when you've got a 3.4-inch suction cup holding up a device that's much, much lighter than its full weight capacity. Sound like a winning combination to you? Let us know!