Rogers upgraded LTE Rocket stick and mobile hotspot detailed

Up in Canada folks across the nation will be getting one whole heck of a lot faster with Rogers upgraded LTE speeds via a couple of fancy new pieces of hardware. First you'll find the Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Rocket stick, then the mobile hotspot as well will keep you well on your toes in the very near future. These devices will be the first in the Canadian wilderness to be running on both 1700/2100MHz and the 2600MHz LTE spectrum bands.

Both the hotspot and the dongle being detailed here will upgrade Rogers up until now fastest speeds of 12 to 25 Mbps all the way up to 40 Mbps. That's quite a jump for those of you out there only cruising at such a speed whist watching your streams of Terrance and Phillip all day long. These devices will also be amongst the first to be connecting to the 2600MHz band, a band that's not been used by LTE devices thus far.

Both of these devices will be able to run on Rogers HSPA+ network as well, all of these coming in at right around $22.93 Canadian a month. You can get into this deal on a tablet plan for $7.93 Canadian a month, but exact details on the tablet plan have not yet been revealed in full. You'll be busting out at speeds you never before thought possible in one way or another very soon! Get red with Rogers!