RODE NTG5 Promises A Pro Shotgun Mic You Can Take And Use Anywhere

Thanks in part to the ubiquity of smartphones with high-quality cameras, consumers have become more aware of the ability to capture moments, both short and long, anytime, anymore. Unfortunately, they may have also become a bit more demanding in both the quality of the content as well as the kind of content, putting more pressure on creators, photographers, and recorders. RODE (written as RĂ˜DE) has been quality developing solutions for capturing audio for years, including those compatible with mobile devices. With the new NTG5 Shotgun Microphone, it is turning its attention back to the pros who also need that mobility and flexibility when recording on location.

RODE boasts that the NTG5 represents 28 years of R&D which first become a product in 2005 with the first NTG1 shotgun mic. That claim may indeed be true just by looking at it and feeling it. The perforated design, inspired by RODE's TF diaphragm condenser mic, promises better acoustic transparency and more natural sound. The short, lightweight aluminum body gives it a weight of only 76 grams, literally taking a load off the hands, arms, and shoulders of users who need to record audio for prolonged periods.

The external upgrades are complemented by internal ones, naturally. RODE promises that the NTG5 has an extremely low self-noise of just 10 dbA. The mic's high directionality allows users to really isolate the audio they want to capture while letting ambient sounds from the side and rear fall off without sounding unnatural. These features, along with the mic's ruggedness, positions it to be a formidable location recording partner for professionals and a dream come true for boom operators.

Of course, the mic alone might not exactly be useful in certain situations so, fortunately, the NTG5 does come with the basics for location recording. You have, for example, to types of windshields, depending on the intensity, and has both a traditional mic clip as well as a grip to perfectly position the shotgun where you need it.

The RODE NTG5 Shotgun Microphone is now available for $499, a steal considering how much bulkier and heavier shotgun mics cost for the equivalent or lower performance. And if the kit included inside the small pouch bag isn't enough' the NTG5 is also compatible with some of RODE's other accessories, including the Blimp and the Boompole.