Rockstar founder ponders Grand Theft Auto MMO

Speaking of MMOs based on non-MMO franchises, who wants to play a Grand Theft Auto game with millions of other people. Apparently that's something that Rockstar founder Sam Houser has been thinking about.

While talking about the idea of  a Grand Theft Auto MMO, he said that it "is very, very doable and is a very, very compelling proposition" and calling a subscription-based MMO on a console as "the Holy Grail."

As much as I'm a fan of the series, I just don't see it crossing over into the MMO realm very well. Seriously, why would you want to go out questing when you could just pull some guy out of a car, beat the crap out of him and drive off at insane speeds? I just don't see it turning out so well.

[via MaxConsole]