Rockspace AC2100 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi system is a bargain

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Anyone who lives in a larger multistory home and wants to get Wi-Fi signals in every room of the house knows that the modem and Wi-Fi router combo most Internet providers give you with the service doesn't perform well. One surefire way to expand Wi-Fi coverage within your home and ensure signals in every room and on every level is by using a mesh Wi-Fi system.

The Rockspace AC2100 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi system triple pack is currently available on Amazon with a $50 discount. Normally, the three-pack costs $249.99. Right now, buyers can get an additional $50 off and free same-day prime shipping in many areas. The discount means a fast mesh Wi-Fi system for under $200.

The Wi-Fi system supports speeds of up to 2100 Mbps, and up to 100 devices can connect to the system. Like all mesh systems, the biggest benefit is seamless home roaming with Wi-Fi devices switching to whichever mesh node is closest to provide the best signal strength and performance.

Rockspace says the system can cover homes up to 6000 square feet and the triple pack includes a router and two extenders. The router has six gigabit LAN ports and can be configured using an RS app. The app promises to configure the home network within 10 minutes and allows for remote management of connected devices.

Other features include guest Wi-Fi access, parental controls, and advanced functionality. The tri-band functionality supports 2.4 gigahertz, 5 gigahertz, and 5.8 gigahertz networking. It's worth noting that while the Rockspace AC2100 mesh system sports 2100 mbps, your home Wi-Fi devices may not support such high speeds. Most older devices have Wi-Fi hardware inside, unable to take full advantage of AC2100. Additional extender units can be added to the network.