Rockridge Sound’s VTS-384 Tube Amp for iPod

Lynnsie Nguyen - Nov 27, 2006

When iPod was first introduced to the market, I hardly imagined that it would become the most popular in the market with tons of accessories. Now you can see devices that are designed for your iPod everywhere, but if you’re looking for something with a “classic” look, a new iPod speaker dock from Rockridge Sound is the answer for you.

The VTS-384 has a trio of tubes per stereo channel delivered “full analog” sound out a pair of 2x2W (8ohm) speakers. And nothing is better than the analog sound from tubes. The kit comes with a remote for controlling the iPod, wire protectors for those tubes, and RCA and USB jacks for sourcing non-iPod music or connecting USB speakers. When it hit in February, this gorgeous dock can be yours for an expected MSRP of $604 to $777.

Rockridge Sound’s VTS-384 tube amp and speaker dock for iPod [via engadget]

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