Rocketbook Fusion offers a reusable notebook for productivity ninjas

Recent trends in the productivity space have made pen and paper more popular and more relevant but even analog fans will admit to some shortcomings in non-digital formats. On the other hand, there are also much-defended benefits to jotting some things by hand. The folks at Rocketbook have worked to bridge the analog and digital divide in new, innovative ways and their latest product, the Rocketbook Fusion, takes all of those lessons to create an environment-friendly notebook to appeal to the productivity-loving crowd.

Rocketbook's first notebook, the Wave, was admittedly out of this world, requiring a microwave to erase the contents of the notebook a limited number of times. The Rocketbook Everlast left a more lasting impression, using a simple damp cloth to erase a special kind of paper like wiping off a dry erase board. The Everlast had no fixed format, leaving room for freedom and imagination to do whatever you want. Some people, however, require more structure in their lives.

That's the difference that the Rocketbook Fusion brings to the table. While some Everlast users resorted to using permanent ink to draw more permanent boxes for calendars, rules, and the like, the Fusion comes with those built into the pages already. Don't worry' though, as Rocketbook still leaves plenty in its 42 pages for free-form writing. A single Fusion includes:

• 1 Task List Page

• 2 Weekly Planner Pages

• 1 Monthly Calendar Page

• 1 OKRs Page

• 1 Ideas Page

• 18 Dot-Grid Pages

• 18 Lined Pages

The Rockeetbook Fusion boasts of the same things that made the Everlast a wonder, including the specially-coated pages that allows Pilot FriXion ink to be erased with a simple wipe of a damp cloth. It supports the same Rocketbook app that can transcribe your writing and send pages to your favorite cloud storage or online notebook. More than just a scanner, though, the app also uses computer vision and machine learning to improve the quality of images and even turn titles into file names.

The Rocketbook Fusion is now available for purchase and, just like other Rocketbook notebooks, come in two sizes and prices. The smaller Executive size goes for $35 while the Letter format sells for $37. And like before, each purchase includes one Pilot FriXion pen and a micro fiber cloth.