Rocketboard by Rocketbook pulls old whiteboards into the digital age

Businesses and offices are getting more tech-savvy in the tools they use to collaborate, from video conferencing to group chats to cloud file sharing. One such growing market is the digital whiteboard that tries to recreate the experience of markers and collaboration while burning a hole through your company's pockets. Now you can save that money for more important things (like victory parties) with the Rocketboard, four magical stickers that can turn any bored whiteboard into an exciting productivity and collaboration tool.

If it isn't that obvious yet, Rocketboard is made by Rocketbook, the very same people behind the odd microwavable Wave notebook as well as the out of this world Everlast notebook that we reviewed a few months back. The startup doesn't just make innovative products that bridge the analog and digital divide, they also create sustainable solutions that let you be just as productive in both those worlds.

Just like their notebooks, the Rocketboard works in two parts. Don't worry, Rocketbook isn't selling bulky boards in fixed sizes. Instead, you get a pack of four triangular stickers called beacons that you can put on any old whiteboard to make the magic work. The beacons are also made with "space age micro-suction technology", which simply means you can peel it off and reuse it on some other whiteboard.

The other half of the formula comes from Rocketbook's app, the same Android and iOS app used for the Rocketbook notebooks. When it comes to "save" your whiteboard doodles, simply take a picture from whatever angle or lighting condition. The app will straighten it up, clean it up, and send it to your cloud service of choice. With the Rocketboard, the app learns one more trick: Broadcast. Simply tap on the button and the camera will automatically take pictures of the whiteboard and update its JPG, allowing you to show a nearly live feed (of moving pictures) via a special URL you give around to viewers.

Like all of Rocketbook's products, the Rocketboard is starting its life in Kickstarter with an estimated delivery in May 2019. Considering the rewards range from just $12 to $80, depending on how many four-piece packs you order, the way it reached thrice its funding goal in less than a week is quite telling.