Rocket Scientist Adds Fins To Pans, Nearly Doubles Efficiency

One rocket scientist has turned his attention to cookware, designing a new set of pots and pans that are touted as nearly double the energy efficiency of your ordinary round cookware. What's different? The addition of fins.

The new pots were designed by Oxford University professor of engineering Thomas Povey, who has developed what he calls the Flare Pan. With this pan, which is being sold through maker Lakeland, comes a promised 40-percent decrease in energy usage over conventional cooking pans, as well as the ability to heat up faster.

Being a mountaineer, Povey got his inspiration for the Flare Pan by how long it takes to boil a pot of water at high altitudes. The design took three years of experimenting before the final product was produced. With the fins on the side of the pot, heat is distributed more evenly, as well.

Lakeland is a British company, but anyone can order the product online, if you're willing to pay the shipping charges. The pan is being sold on its own for £64.99, but different mixtures and sizes are offered, as well as a flared skillet.