Rocket League gets recreated inside Halo 5

What do you do when there's a massively popular game, but it hasn't been released for your console of choice? Usually, there are just two options. You can wait and hope that it eventually gets released, or you can pony up the cash for that other console. Since people don't usually have a few hundred bucks to blow on just one game, they generally just end up waiting. But some people like to take the third option: Just remake the game yourself.

One custom map maker decided to take it upon himself to recreate Rocket League inside of Halo 5. That's right, the popular FPS now has a "Rocket League" mode, and it appears to actually work pretty well. There have been previous attempts to make something like this before, but Halo wasn't exactly designed with soccer in mind.

The game mode uses Ghosts in place of cars. The creator, Turb, wanted to originally use Scout Warthogs, but they were simply too small to push the ball around. There are two different modes of play, which depend on the number of players. The smaller mode hosts 2-6 players and uses a single ball, while the larger mode can host 8-16 players, and has 3 balls on the field.

What's amazing about this is that for the most part, you really can play a Rocket League-esque game. He even uses the CTF format to register points and time limits. Sure, the ball might get stuck sometimes, and there may be other issues. However, it's amazing to see this made inside of an editor that was designed for FPS matches, not playing soccer with large vehicles.

Of course, if you're really wanting that authentic feel, you can just wait until next week, when the real Rocket League will be released on the Xbox One.