Rocket League cross-play between PC and Xbox One goes live

When I was a kid, you were in one of two camps: Nintendo or Sega. You'd talk with your friends about which was superior and why. Of course, the real reason that you were on either side is because that's the console that you had at home. When you played with your friends, you just hooked up another controller, and everyone had a good time. But now when you choose a side in the console wars, you're generally prevented from playing with anyone that doesn't play on the same device. This is slowly changing, however.

Rocket League is a really fun game that combines soccer with rocket-powered cars. What's not to love? The game is also on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. And as of today, Xbox One and PC gamers will be able to play together in harmony. This is largely thanks to Microsoft changing their stance on cross-play earlier this year.

When Microsoft announced that they'd be allowing cross-play between the Xbox One and PC, developer Psyonix was one of the first companies to jump on board. They got to work making sure that the servers from both were ready to talk to one another, and that gamers from both sides would be able to play together with no issues.

The cross-play function will go live in just a short time. They'll be flipping the switch at 6pm ET, which is just over an hour away, at the time of writing. Once it's live, you can turn the feature on or off by opening your Options and toggling the check box for cross-play.

Source: Xbox