Rock out polka style!

Are you a fan of polka music? Maybe you have longed to rock out with the great tunes from Weird Al. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find someone that will teach you the fine art of accordion. You don't really need to learn how to play an instrument, that's what video games are for.

Now it appears that there is a game that will let you show off your latent accordion abilities. Well, maybe there isn't. Apparently someone thought it would be worth a few laughs to not only dream up this game and create corresponding artwork, but to also take out a full page ad in Computer Games Magazine.

They were just a little late for April Fool's Day, but regardless, this is hilarious. They went above and beyond to pull off this gag. I'm sure that there are plenty of people that saw this and simply believed that this is an actual game. Kudos to the guys that cooked this one up!

Accordion Hero II [via chipchick]