Rock Gear HexoLight adds extra geekiness to music games

Shane McGlaun - Dec 9, 2009
Rock Gear HexoLight adds extra geekiness to music games

I like Rock Band and other music games, but tend to draw the line at smoke machines and light shows. I have some aftermarket controllers that I use to play, but I can’t bring myself to go with lights, smoke, and a mullet. If you have advanced to the point where you want lights and other items, Rock Gear has your fix.

Rock Gear has announced a new LED lighting system that ties in with Guitar Hero and other music games. The light kits are available with different amounts of lights and can be stacked for a bigger light show if desired. The lights beat in time to any music source.

The lights are console independent and have an external mic that picks up the sound and allows the lights to work in tune with the beat. The HexoLight devices are surprisingly cheap with a basic three light unit selling for under $30. If you want a big floor-standing unit with multiple lights, you will spend in the $150 range. This is a pretty cool Christmas gift idea.

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