Rock Band weekly DLC ending in April

It's a sad day for Rock Band junkies as developer Harmonix has announced that weekly DLC — consisting of a few new songs that get released every week — will end towards the beginning of April, with April 2 being the last week for Rock Band weekly DLC. The developer announced the news this morning and said that they're wanting to focus on other projects for the future.

Harmonix has managed to release weekly content for Rock Band for 275 consecutive weeks containing over 4,000 songs in total. However, the developer has been scaling back production of Rock Band DLC as they are beginning to make the transition to other projects. Harmonix says they have several new titles in development, and they want to start putting more focus on those in the future. However, no future Rock Band releases are planned.

From now until April 2, Harmonix will release the rest of the Rock Band Blitz songs, as well as various "Pro Guitar" upgrades, as well as songs by artists that have not previously appeared in a Rock Band title. From here on out, Harmonix will not be licensing anymore songs, and will take the rest of the time to roll out the songs that they already have licenses for.

Claiming the largest music library of any game available, Harmonix will be continuing its ongoing DLC sale of 50% off over 1,100 songs as a personal thank you to all the fans who helped make the DLC possible, and to help players continue to build their personal libraries from the back catalog.