Rock Band Weekly DLC - Crüefest

A little while back it was announced that Rock Band was going to be rocking Crüefest, which kicks off today. So it only makes sense for Harmonix to release a few Crüefest-themed tracks, right? Hit the jump to see what will be available for download today.Crüefest Pack:

  • Mötley Crüe "Down At The Whisky"Mötley Crüe
  • Papa Roach"Time Is Running Out"
  • Trapt "Who's Going Home With You Tonight"
  • Individual Tracks:

  • Vesuvius "Promised Land"
  • All of this week's tracks are master recordings, which is always awesome. The tracks from the Crüefest Pack are going to run you $.99 each, or $2.99 for the three-pack. As for the Vesuvius song, it's free!