Rock Band VR coming to make you really feel like a rockstar

If you've ever dreamed of really becoming a rockstar, then be prepared to finally make your dream a virtual reality (yay for puns!). Harmonix is finally jumping on the VR train and will be taking Rock Band to the Oculus Rift next year. So if belting out tunes on your guitar or hammering at that drum isn't enough to get your artistic juices flowing, then it might be time for you to invest on an Oculus Rift headgear. Or wait for one to become commercially available.

Like any other video game, Rock Band can only offer an approximation of the real rockstar experience. Because if you actually knew how to play real instruments, you probably wouldn't be too obsessed with the game, right? The instruments are, of course, a bit fake, but again, tries its best to approximate the experience.

The biggest problem with Rock Band, however, is in the viewpoint of the game. Like a disembodied soul going through a near death experience, you are seeing everything from a third person point of view, watching you and your mates perform on stage. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually see things from the eyes of the performer? Well, thanks to virtual reality, you can.

Oculus and Harmonix have set out to deliver the most realistic rockstar experience, at least as far as visual experience is concerned. And to partly sell the idea that they are dead serious in delivering that experience, they have enlisted the help of popular power metal band DragonForce to train Harmonix developers to see things from the point of view of the musicians themselves.

Rock Band VR wil launch sometime in 2016, which leaves enough time for the Oculus Rift to be available in as many stores as possible. One danger to this almost realistic rockstar experience? That you might feel like jumping to a totally captive but non-existent audience.