Rock Band van spotted

You've probably noticed that our Vincent travels a lot. He gets to go out and have all of the fun while the rest of us sit in our offices and work. I had the pleasure of finding out that it's not all fun and games on the road. I left my hotel this morning at around 10am and on the plane by noon. I got back to Indianapolis around 1, I got home just in time to switch out my clothes for some new ones and make an appearance at a family gathering before hitting the road again.

Where did I head this time? I left on a four hour road trip to Chicago for the opportunity to play Rock Band before it comes out. I got to where I was going at almost 2am, however, I pulled into the wrong hotel and found a little surprise.

Apparently the guys from the Rock Band event are staying just down the road from me. I'll be hanging out with the crew from Harmonix most of the day tomorrow. If any of you are around the Northern Illinois campus in DeKalb tomorrow, you should stop by and hang out, it's going to be awesome.