Rock Band to offer half price "Value Tracks"

I always talk about the abundance of DLC for Rock Band as one of the game's best features. Unfortunately, with so much music to choose from, it's also something of a downside. Okay, so they're not exactly twisting your arm to buy it, but you can easily spend a lot of money picking up extra tracks. However, thanks to a partnership with McDonald's, you'll be able to pick up some tracks on the cheap.

Over the next four weeks, Harmonix will be offering up a pair of songs each week for a mere $.99 a track (80 Microsoft Points). This deal will be offered on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. These aren't just some crappy filler songs either, there are some good tunes. Check out the full schedule.


"Crushcrushcrush"- Paramore

"Rock 'n Roll Band"- Boston


"Shockwave"- Black Tide

"Sugar Magnolia"- Grateful Dead


"We Care A Lot"- Faith No More

"All the Small Things"- Blink 182


"Gimme Three Steps"- Lynyrd Skynyrd

"Dirty Little Secret"- All American Rejects