Rock Band Stage Kit coming soon?

James Allan Brady - Jan 14, 2008, 8:39 am CST

So the word on the streets is that there is a new Rock Band addition headed our way come 6/23/08. Sadly its not a new accordion or harmonica part for some of these songs, instead it appears to be some sort of official Rock Band special effects kit with a fog machine and generic stage lighting that is apparently synchronized with the music.

There was even a picture of the suspected kit up on the GameStop website for a short moment, but that’s gone, however “the memory remains”. The listing is apparently still up on the site for $99.99.

Hopefully before then they can come out with some more guitar choices, or a special amp stack that will connect to your 360 and provide awesome rock show sound. There are just so many more things they could do around the game than add some cheesy stage effects, especially when they’ll only be seen in locked basements and garages around the world.

Rock band stage kit adds lights and smoke as you jam [via technabob]

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