Rock Band coming to latest consoles says tipster

For a few years, music games were some of the most popular games on consoles out there. We had Guitar Hero and Rock Band taking top spots on sales charts for a bit. It's been several years now since we had a new Rock Band game launch and popularity of music games have waned. A source has come forward and said that a new Rock Band title is in the works.

According to the source, Harmonix Music Systems Inc is creating a new game for the latest generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The source declined to speak officially saying that the plans are still private.

Analysts say that the decline in music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are largely because casual gamers drove the genre. These casual gamers have since moved on to mobile games and platforms for the most part.

Currently music games are only 1% of all US software sales, at the high point in 2008 music games were 18% of software sales. With music game such a small part of software sales, it's strange to see a new Rock Band game in development. Harmonix is hoping PS4 and Xbox One gamers are yearning for a rhythm game revival.

SOURCE: Bloomberg