Rock Band coming to a bar near you

In my area, there is a Mexican restaurant on every corner and almost all of them have karaoke. You can't go inside to eat on a weekend without someone singing very loudly and off tune to one song or another. I would never sing in front of a bunch of people, but I would play some Rock Band.

Harmonix has announced that it is promoting Rock Band Nights for bars in America. The new program is intended to allow bar owners to host Rock Band Nights to take things one-step above plain karaoke. Harmonix has a website for bars set up and will be taking bar registrations.

Once bars are registered, bar flies looking for a watering hole where they can play some Rock Band will be able to search by zip code. To promote the Rock Ban nights Harmonix will be offering bar owners a complete Rock Band package along with music and presumably the TVs, software, and controllers needed. Bar owners who sign up before September 8 will get a free five-track disc to add to their library.