Rock Band 4 gets a brutal new mode

You might think that Rock Band hasn't changed a lot since it originally debuted back in 2007. However, since its inception, Harmonix has put a lot of effort into making the game more realistic, with things like "pro" modes for the guitar and drums. Well this week, they're bringing a new update to the game that adds a completely new level of difficulty.

When you're playing a real instrument up on a stage, there are no colored bars that come flying down a fretboard to tell you what notes to hit. You have to memorize every part of the song, in order to play it flawlessly. In a way, that's what the game's new Brutal Mode forces you to do. Though it's not quite that hard.

Brutal Mode is another way for you and your friends to challenge yourselves in the game. The idea is that the better you play, the less you'll see of the notes. The mode introduces a barrier that moves higher up the fretboard, the better you play. Once notes reach this barrier, they become invisible, leaving you to remember which notes are coming, and when to hit them. The better you do, the less time you'll actually see the notes. You can see it demonstrated in the video below:

Brutal Mode comes out tomorrow, December 8th for all platforms, and is a free update. If you're able to clear a song using this newest mode, you'll be awarded crimson stars, the most brutal of all the stars.

VIA: Destructoid