Rock Band 2 is official!

Chris Scott Barr - Jun 30, 2008

Man, every now and then I get blindsided by an announcement that I just wasn’t expecting. Sure, we all knew that Harmonix was working on Rock Band 2, but I really didn’t expect to hear anything official until E3 at the earliest. Well the cat’s out of the bag, so read on for some highlights of what to expect about this awesome sequel.

Rock Band is a tough act to follow up, however, looking at what Harmonix has been doing over these past few years, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll be able to pull it off. My first two questions upon hearing the announcement were “will my DLC work, and will my instruments work?”. The answer to both, was a resounding yes! What’s more is that your system won’t know the difference between RB1 DLC and RB2 DLC. So you can keep rocking new tracks no matter which game you’re playing.

Rock Band 2 Fender

As far as instruments go, they have improved upon the original controllers to make them quieter and more realistic, which is always good. They’re also working with more peripheral makers so that we have a larger selection of instruments to choose from once the game is out.

They are still pretty quiet on most of the new features of the game, but just knowing that my DLC and instruments will work is enough to get me excited. We’ll likely hear more when the game makes its official debut at E3 next month.

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