ROCCAT Power-Grid turns your smartphone into a PC peripheral

A lot of PC gamers are always out to get the latest peripherals and accessories to make gaming more enjoyable. A company called ROCCAT has unveiled what may be one of the most interesting computer peripherals I've seen in a long time called the Power-Grid. This app turns your smartphone into a computer peripheral.

The Power-Grid app is now available for public download as part of the software's open beta phase. The software is a smartphone application available for Android and iOS devices. The accompanying host software that runs on the PC is available for Windows computers only.

The manufacturer says that the Power-Grid features countless preset grids and controls offering functionality that ranges from adjusting various Windows settings to executing integrated macro sequences for video games such as League of Legends and StarCraft II. A website specifically for the Power-Grid has launched providing a database of available Grids and Controls.

The Power-Grid uses Wi-Fi to connect the smartphone to the PC. Commands from the phone are executed on the computer in real time. The software also allows information from games and various software to be displayed on the screen of the smartphone. ROCCAT also has a SDK for the Power-Grid making programming custom grids available for pro and amateur programmers. Power-Grid does not require any hardware to operate other than the Android or iOS device.

SOURCE: Power-Grid