ROCCAT gaming accessories stash to light up CES 2014

Chris Burns - Jan 2, 2014
ROCCAT gaming accessories stash to light up CES 2014

CES 2014 is sure to be a gaming-filled blast of gadgets, with companies like ROCCAT making sure this week they’re not lost in the fray. They certainly won’t be with a lineup so large you’d have to be consciously avoiding it to miss it. This new set of devices from the gaming accessory makers at ROCCAT includes new headphones, mice, and keyboards to boot.

First you’ll want to have a peek at what might be the only army-green mouse to be arriving at the convention next week. We’ll have to see, but we’d be cash money none else is bringing a two-tone green with red lighting design to the floor like this Kone Pure Millitary mouse. Here you’ll be working with a 5,000dpi optical sensor with TDCU and three different styles on top of it all – Desert Strike, Naval Storm, and Camo Charge, with matching “Kave XTD 5.1 Analog plus a” mousepads to go along with them.

The main keyboard entires we’ll be seeing here are two new compact bits, both the Ryos TKL Pro and the Ryos TKL. These machines are “ten key less” versions of the Ryos keyboard released in the past, here with cutting-edge MCU with illumination effects like “breathing.” Creepy enough!


There’s a Kone XTD Optical mouse appearing with lovely dark tones with bright warm lighting effects too. This mouse works with adjustable distance control and 6,400dpi optical sensors. You’ll find Omron switches, the 4D Titan Wheel, ROCCAT Talk, and Easy-Aim inside.


Three more headsets are coming in for the CES 2014 collection for ROCCAT: the Kave XTD 5.1 Analog, the Kave XTD Stereo, and the Kave XTD 5.1 Digital. These machines will look rather similar, while each has their own top-notch abilities like an in-cable remote and LED lighting in the Analog, two driver units in the Stereo, and a beastly 5.1 soundcard in the Digital.


The Kave XTD 5.1 Digital also works with what ROCCAT suggests is a “world-first headset-to-smartphone Bluetooth pairing and full audio controls”. Stick around with us through SlashGear’s CES 2014 tag portal to see this whole set in action!

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