Robots to teach in Korean classrooms by 2012

We've recently seen a massive project involving a robot-based theme park soon to be undertaken in Korea, but the Koreans apparently have decided to take it one step further.  The country has planned a "R-Learning" program that in fact will place robot teaching assistants in 500 preschools in 2012, and expand to 8000 education centers (preschools and kindergartens) by 2013.

At the moment, the robots won't be placed in complete charge of the class (yet?), but will take on supplementary tasks such as reciting original stories, and connecting to parents for message exchange and progress reports for their children.

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology believes that they may be an international market beyond their own country for the robotic education system, and are already talking plans with developing nations.  There's always been propositions (bordering on the extremes of feasibility) of robots educating our future generations, but this is the first tangible manifestation of that particular concept.  I guess when Korean children have finished classes taught by robots, they can go to Robot land for fun and games, provided by the same kin.

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